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How to Repair Your iPhone XR Screen? FONES52

How to Repair Your iPhone XR Screen? FONES52

When it comes to repairing your iPhone XR screen, selecting the right service provider is crucial. FONES52 stands out as a leading choice for many iPhone users.

In this article, we will delve into the reasons why FONES52 should be your go-to option for iPhone XR screen repairs.

From their commitment to quality and affordability to their exceptional customer service and technical expertise, FONES52 offers an unparalleled repair experience.

Commitment to Quality

Use of High-Quality Parts

FONES52 is dedicated to using only the highest quality parts for iPhone XR screen repairs. They ensure that each replacement screen meets or exceeds OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) standards.

This commitment to quality guarantees that your iPhone XR will look and function like new after the repair.

Certified Technicians

At FONES52, all repairs are performed by certified technicians with extensive experience in handling iPhone repairs.

Their expertise ensures that your device is in safe hands, and the repair is done accurately and efficiently.

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Competitive Pricing

One of the standout features of FONES52 is their competitive pricing. They offer high-quality repairs at prices that are often lower than those of Apple Stores and other authorized service providers.

This makes FONES52 an excellent choice for budget-conscious consumers.

Transparent Pricing

FONES52 believes in transparency. They provide clear and upfront pricing with no hidden fees. This means you will know exactly what you are paying for before the repair begins, ensuring peace of mind.

Exceptional Customer Service

Quick Turnaround Time

FONES52 understands the inconvenience of having a damaged phone. They strive to provide the fastest possible turnaround times without compromising on quality. In many cases, iPhone XR screen repairs can be completed within an hour.

Customer Support

FONES52 offers outstanding customer support to assist you throughout the repair process.

Their friendly and knowledgeable staff are always ready to answer any questions and provide updates on the status of your repair.


Multiple Locations

With multiple locations, FONES52 makes it easy for you to find a service center near you. This widespread presence ensures that you can access their exceptional repair services without traveling far.

Mail-In Repair Service

For those who cannot visit a physical location, FONES52 offers a convenient mail-in repair service. Simply send in your device, and their technicians will repair it and return it to you promptly.

Warranty and Assurance

Warranty on Repairs

FONES52 stands behind their work by offering a warranty on all iPhone XR screen repairs. This warranty covers both the parts used and the labor, providing you with added assurance and peace of mind.

Quality Assurance Checks

Before returning your device, FONES52 performs rigorous quality assurance checks to ensure that the repair meets their high standards. This attention to detail ensures that your iPhone XR is returned to you in perfect working condition.

Customer Testimonials

Positive Reviews

FONES52 has garnered numerous positive reviews from satisfied customers. These testimonials highlight their excellent service, quality repairs, and friendly staff. The high level of customer satisfaction is a testament to FONES52’s commitment to excellence.

Word of Mouth

Many customers come to FONES52 through word-of-mouth recommendations. This speaks volumes about the trust and reliability that FONES52 has built over the years. 


The iPhone XR is a remarkable device, but like all smartphones, its screen is susceptible to damage. Whether it's a minor scratch or a major crack, a damaged screen can hinder your ability to use your phone effectively.

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the detailed steps required to repair your iPhone XR screen.

Our aim is to provide you with the most thorough, step-by-step instructions so you can confidently tackle the repair process yourself.

iPhone XR screen

Tools and Materials Needed

Before beginning the repair, ensure you have the following tools and materials:

  • Replacement iPhone XR Screen
  • Pentalobe Screwdriver
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Plastic Pry Tools
  • Suction Cup
  • Tweezers
  • Adhesive Strips
  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Microfiber Cloth

Having these tools ready will streamline the repair process and ensure you do not encounter any unexpected delays.

Step-by-Step Guide to Repairing Your iPhone XR Screen

1. Power Off Your Device

First and foremost, power off your iPhone XR. Hold the power button and slide to power off. This step is crucial to avoid any electrical damage or accidental short-circuits during the repair process.

2. Remove the Pentalobe Screws

Using the pentalobe screwdriver, remove the two screws located at the bottom edge of the iPhone XR, adjacent to the charging port. Keep these screws in a safe place as they are small and easy to lose.

3. Use the Suction Cup to Lift the Screen

Place the suction cup on the lower half of the screen, just above the home button area.

Gently pull up on the suction cup while using a plastic pry tool to carefully separate the display assembly from the rear case. Be cautious not to pull too hard, as there are still ribbon cables connected inside.

4. Disconnect the Battery

Before fully detaching the screen, it's vital to disconnect the battery to prevent any power flow. Use the Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws securing the battery connector cover.

Carefully lift the cover and use the plastic pry tool to disconnect the battery connector.

5. Remove the Display Assembly

Next, you need to disconnect the ribbon cables connecting the display to the logic board. Remove the screws holding the display connector bracket in place and carefully lift it off.

Use the pry tool to disconnect the ribbon cables. Once disconnected, you can fully remove the display assembly from the iPhone.

6. Transfer Components to the New Screen

If your replacement screen does not come with pre-installed components, you will need to transfer the front camera, earpiece speaker, and sensor assembly from the old screen to the new one. Carefully remove these components and transfer them to the corresponding positions on the new screen.

7. Install the New Screen

Attach the new screen by reconnecting the ribbon cables to the logic board. Replace the display connector bracket and secure it with screws. Reconnect the battery connector and replace the cover.

Carefully align the new screen with the rear case and press it into place. Ensure the screen fits snugly without any gaps.

8. Secure the New Screen

Once the new screen is in place, reinsert the two pentalobe screws at the bottom edge of the iPhone XR. Tighten them securely but do not overtighten to avoid damaging the screws or the phone casing.

9. Power On and Test

Power on your iPhone XR and test the new screen. Check for responsiveness, touch sensitivity, and proper display of colors. Ensure all transferred components, such as the front camera and earpiece speaker, are functioning correctly.

Common Issues and Troubleshooting

Screen Not Responsive

If the new screen is not responsive, double-check the ribbon cable connections. Ensure they are securely connected to the logic board. Reassemble and test again.

Display Issues

If the display shows lines, dead pixels, or discoloration, ensure the connectors are clean and free from dust or debris. Reconnect and test once more.

Loose or Misaligned Screen

If the screen appears loose or misaligned, check the placement of the adhesive strips and ensure the screen is properly aligned with the rear case.

Reapply adhesive if necessary and press the screen firmly into place.

Preventive Measures for Future

To prevent future screen damage, consider investing in a high-quality screen protector and a sturdy phone case. These accessories can significantly reduce the risk of scratches and cracks.

Repairing your iPhone XR screen may seem daunting, but with the right tools and detailed instructions, it is a manageable task.

By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can save money and extend the life of your device. Remember to work slowly and carefully to avoid any mishaps.

iPhone XR Screen Replacement Cost Guide

The iPhone XR, known for its robust design and vibrant display, is a popular choice among smartphone users. However, accidents happen, and a cracked or damaged screen can be a common issue.

Understanding the cost of replacing your iPhone XR screen is essential for making an informed decision.

In this comprehensive guide, we will break down the various factors influencing the replacement cost, explore different repair options, and provide tips to ensure you get the best value for your money.

Factors Influencing Screen Replacement Cost

Several factors can affect the cost of replacing an iPhone XR screen. These include:

  • Type of Repair Service: Authorized service providers, third-party repair shops, or DIY repairs.
  • Quality of Replacement Parts: OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts versus third-party parts.
  • Warranty Status: Whether your device is still under AppleCare+ or warranty.
  • Location: Geographical location and local repair market rates.

Authorized Service Provider Costs

Apple Store and Authorized Service Providers

Replacing the screen at an Apple Store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider typically ensures the use of high-quality OEM parts and professional service.

However, this option can be more expensive compared to third-party repair shops. Here is a breakdown of potential costs:

  • Out of Warranty: The cost for an out-of-warranty screen replacement for the iPhone XR at an Apple Store is approximately $199.
  • AppleCare+: If you have AppleCare+, the cost reduces significantly. You would only pay $29 for a screen repair.

Pros and Cons


  • Guaranteed use of OEM parts.
  • Professional service by certified technicians.
  • Retention of warranty and device integrity.


  • Higher cost without AppleCare+.
  • Possible longer wait times for appointments and repairs.

Third-Party Repair Shops

Third-party repair shops offer a more affordable alternative to Apple’s services. The cost can vary depending on the shop and the quality of parts used.

Typically, you can expect to pay between $100 to $150 for an iPhone XR screen replacement at a third-party repair shop.

Pros and Cons


  • Lower cost compared to Apple’s service.
  • Faster turnaround times.
  • Availability of competitive rates.


  • Risk of non-OEM parts being used.
  • Potential voiding of any remaining warranty.
  • Variable quality of service depending on the shop.

DIY Screen Replacement

For those who are tech-savvy, a DIY screen replacement is an option. This approach can be the most cost-effective but requires a good level of skill and the right tools.

Cost Breakdown

  • Replacement Screen: $50 to $80 (depending on quality).
  • Tool Kit: $10 to $20.
  • Total Cost: Approximately $60 to $100.

Pros and Cons


  • Lowest cost option.
  • Complete control over the quality of parts used.
  • Personal satisfaction of completing the repair.


  • High risk if not done correctly (potential further damage).
  • No warranty or professional support.
  • Requires time and technical skills.

Additional Costs and Considerations

Screen Protector and Case

Investing in a high-quality screen protector and a sturdy case can prevent future screen damage. The cost of these accessories ranges from $10 to $50.

Shipping Costs

If you choose to send your device to a repair service by mail, consider the shipping costs, which can add $10 to $30 to the overall expense.

Hidden Fees

Be aware of any hidden fees, such as diagnostic charges or extra labor costs, especially when dealing with third-party repair shops.

Warranty and Insurance Options


If you frequently experience screen damage, investing in AppleCare+ might be worthwhile. It covers two incidents of accidental damage every 24 months with a service fee of $29 per screen repair.

Third-Party Insurance

Some third-party insurance providers offer coverage for screen damage. Review the terms and costs to see if this is a beneficial option for you.

iPhone XR Screen Repairing

The cost of replacing an iPhone XR screen can vary significantly based on the repair method chosen.

Authorized service providers offer high-quality repairs but at a premium price, whereas third-party shops provide a more economical solution with some trade-offs in part quality and warranty status.

DIY repairs can be cost-effective but require technical skills and come with risks. By understanding these factors, you can make an informed decision that balances cost, quality, and convenience.


Choosing FONES52 for your iPhone XR screen repair is a decision you won't regret.

With their commitment to quality, competitive pricing, exceptional customer service, and convenient repair options, FONES52 stands out as the best choice for iPhone repairs.

Their certified technicians and high-quality parts ensure that your device will be restored to its original condition quickly and affordably.